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ECO BOOM Bamboo Kitchen Paper 24 rolls

Choose Your Favorite Design

A varied choice of stylish designs ( up to 4 )

ECO BOOM bamboo kitchen paper is available in a variety of design so that you can choose your favorite.

Packing24 rolls / carton ( individual packaging )
Carton Size58*39*29.5 cm ( 22.8*15.3*11.6 inch )
Net Weight4.7 kg ( 10.3 lb )
Gross Weight5.4 kg ( 11.9 lb )

0% plastic content

From products to the outer packing, there is 0% plastic in ECO BOOM. Great for eco-friendly kitchen.

Original color
without bleaching

Keep the original color to make it more natural. By removing bleaching process to better protect the environment.

Excellent bamboo fiber flexibility

Bamboo fiber is rounder and longer, making our kitchen paper smoother and stronger even when touches water. So that it can promote oil absorption and decontamination efficiently.

Use Scene

Suitable for alternative uses in
the kitchen, convenient for your cooking life.

Clean oil

Clean the kitchen

Wipe or wrap food

Why Choose


1. Grows 30 times faster than trees
2. Absorbs 35 % more carbon dioxide than trees
3. Releases 30% more oxyaen than trees

1. The global consumption of kitchen paper equivalent to 27,000 trees everyday. Bamboo is the fastest growing plants in the world. Its growing speed is 30 times faster than trees, making it the most sustainable products on the market. Bamboo is not only our resource, but also our solution.

2. In addition, the bamboo fibers are rounder and longer, making our kitchen paper smoother and stronger. This means that our paper is not only more environmentally friendly but also of better quality. As a herbaceous plant, bamboo can be regenerated from the roots to grow continuously, without fertilization and repeated planting.
3. The most important point is that bamboo can release 30% more oxygen than trees and absorb 35% more carbon dioxide than trees during its growth process.

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