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ECO BOOM Plant-based Diaper in polybag

100% Biodegradable
Plant-based Backsheet

By using EcoCosy® 100% Plant-based premium fiber makes it biodegradable. It can be rapidly biodegraded into water, CO2 and biomass within 90 days, without any residual harmful substances, which has obtained the European “Seedling” certification.

100% premium
wood source

EcoCosy® fiber is made from selected wooden cores from sustainable managed plantation with a high purity, which makes it 100% biodegradable.


Data shows that the surface moisture of human skin is generally 12-15%, which is very close to the moisture content of EcoCosy® fiber.

Excellent natural

By using high-purity dissolving wood pulp, EcoCosy® fiber has natural hygroscopicity and water absorption.

ECO BOOM adopting sustainable resource to support sustainable development and climate action, building a more sustainable global economy will help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Also support material supplier’s biodiversity protection action including research, preservation, education and raising awareness.

Environmental Certificates

ECO BOOM backsheet(made from EcoCosy® fiber)has got many environmental certificates, such as CFCC® / PEFC™ / OEKO-TEX® / European "Seedling" certification which are issued by internationally renowned institutions.
CFCC® / PEFC™ Certification

100% sustainable certification,
100% bio-based material.


Eco-friendly, no toxic substances.

European "Seedling" Certification

Can be biodegradable in just 90 days with 0% harmful substances remain.

Parameters Table

6-16 lbs (3-8 kg)13-21 lbs (6-10 kg)20-31 lbs (9-14 kg)26 + lbs (12 kg above)
90 pcs74 pcs70 pcs62 pcs

Plant-based Diaper

Brand Support

10% off agent discount compared to private label order.

No any mould fee & deposit while private label costs over $25000.

Available on USA Amazon since 2017 with highest biodegradable rate so far.

Promotion materials ( video, catalog & sample card ) will be provided.

Can even start with 1 pack. Ready to ship right after payment while private label takes 45 days.

Such as FSC / OEKO-TEX® / OK biobased which are issued by internationally renowned institutions.

We have a team specialized in Amazon and eBay to provide online store set up and operation support.

New bio-term like dry wipes and adult diaper will come soon this year.

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