3 Essential Tips in Travelling with Baby

Expecting parents are often told that their life will change forever after the baby is born—they may not have time or energy to maintain the same active lifestyle they used to have anymore. Once the baby is here, it seems like the only focus is to comfort and nurture the most precious little human being at home. We don’t think so, we are active adventurers and think you should explore our magical world- especially with little ones. Traveling can be a wonderful way to relax, learn about new things, get out of our ordinary routines, and gain a new perspective. Sure, it can also be unpredictable—for us and for our children. And so we must plan accordingly!

Baby bag essentials check

Start with the basics, packing ECO BOOM bamboo baby diapers and wipes, don’t forget your baby’s favorite toys, and many outfit options. If you are doing a lot of walking or sitting we always recommend a baby carrier, trust us you will thank us for this. Your arms will need a rest and baby wearing is so easy and fun, plus they make naps just a breeze. As always a stroller is also a must, to easily toll all your baby essentials and have the baby enjoy the view.

Bring a blanket

Comfort is everything for your baby, bring a cozy light blanket that can easily be carried and packed. You can choose how thick of a blanket you need depending on the time of the year and your location. You may need it to stay warm or even block out the sun.

Keeping your and your little ones hands clean

Staying clean on the go never looked so cute and easy. Looking for water to wash your hands on the go can be difficult. Washing your baby’s hands can be a timeous task when it comes to public sinks and fountains. Which is why we created our bamboo wet wipes for your baby and your family.

  • 100% biodegradable bamboo viscose spunlace nonwoven
  • 99.7% RO water designed for baby’s sensitive skin
  • No stimulated or fragrance odour for daily care
Leave your worries at the door, and embrace the spirit of the season. With a little effort in planning, traveling can be a rich experience, filled with opportunities to connect with friends and family!

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