6 Ways Dads Can Bond with Baby Quickly

With Father’s Day right around the corner, now is a great time to think about all the different ways that fathers can connect and bond with their babies. In the early days and weeks after birth, mothers spend a lot of time with their newborns, getting breastfeeding well established and recovering from childbirth with their babies by their side. Fathers often can feel left out or excluded because of frequent nursing sessions and the comfort that babies get from being close to their mothers. The following tips provide many ways in which dads can also establish a bond with their babies.

1. Early interaction

Connecting fathers and their newborns early in the first hours can help cement the bond between a father and his child. When the mother gets up to take her first shower is a wonderful time for fathers to share this early bonding time with their newborns.

2. Skin to skin

The benefits of skin to skin with a newborn are well known; temperature regulation, stress reduction, stabilization of blood sugar, release of oxytocin (the love hormone), comfort and security. Fathers can and should have skin to skin time with their newborns as soon as it makes sense to do so. Getting settled in a comfortable chair, with their shirt off, a naked baby on his chest and both of them covered by a cozy blanket is a wonderful opportunity for both of them to benefit from the oxytocin release that will occur.

3. Bathing with baby

New babies love nothing more than taking a bath safely cradled in the arms of a parent. While most newborns don’t require frequent bathing, having dad take a bath in body temperature water with the baby on their chest is a wonderful way to relax and bond. The baby feels secure and comforted and the father can enjoy a relaxing bath while focusing on enjoying time with their newborn. Remember, safety first! Always have another adult available to hand the baby off to when entering and exiting the tub. Babies are slippery when wet.

4. Reading to baby

Fathers can make time everyday to read to their baby. Certainly, when very young, the baby is not understanding the words, but nevertheless, newborns and young infants are fascinated with the sound of human voices and are very comforted by being held close and listening to the voice of their father, safe and familiar. In the beginning, it is not even important what is being read, just that time is set aside to do so. Read your favorite novel, magazine or newspaper if you like! As the baby gets a bit older, you can start reading more age appropriate books with pictures that are attractive to infants.

5. Exercising

Fathers can find ways to get their much needed exercise in while also spending time with their baby. When their baby is very young, taking the baby for a walk, in a baby carrier or a stroller, is a great way to get out and burn some calories while being with their child. As the baby gets older, putting them in a child seat on a bike, using a jogging stroller, or a bike trailer, is another alternative allowing dad to pick up the pace. Consideration should always be taken to follow the instructions and age/weight guidelines that come with the equipment to prevent injury to the child.

6. Father-child traditions

Fathers may want to continue traditions and special activities that they did with their fathers when they were children or consider starting some new ones of their own. Going to the donut shop for Sunday morning goodies, Friday night family movie night, attending certain community activities and sporting events all offer quality time for children to further connect with their fathers.

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