Bamboo Baby Diaper Business

  • 100% biodegradable bamboo viscose topsheet & backsheet
  • Chlorine free wood pulp + SAP for absorbent core
  • Larger elastic waistband provides more comfort
  • Cheaper around 20% compared with the premium one
SAVE 20% compare with ECO BOOM
pure bamboo diaper
Vegan, CPC, CE

100% Premium
Bamboo Source

ECO BOOM bamboo fiber is from a
bamboo sea in Southwest China, one of the
largest natural bamboo forest in the world.


Bamboo has a unique substance ---
" bamboo quinone ", which is natural
antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Excellent Natural

By using elemental chlorine free wood pulp and
high- quality super absorbent material from
Germany, ECO BOOM bamboo fiber has natural
hygroscopicity and water absorption.


100% Bamboo Viscose Topsheet

Our bamboo viscose comes form responsibly managed forest and can be fully biodegradable.

Elastic Waistband

Provides a snug and comfortable soft.

Super Absorbent Core

With high quality super absorbent material form Gemany to lock liquid and keep surface dry.

Diagram of JOY bamboo diapers structure

Wetness Indicator

Reminds you it is time to change the diaper.

Ultra Breathable Bamboo Viscose Backsheet

100% Bamboo viscose fiber makes it biodegradable and also dlows air-cirulation inside to keep bottom dry.

Soft Frontal Tape

Provides a quieter release during nighttime changes.

Better For Your Wallet
Good For Our Planet

Parameters Table

XS / 1

< 10 lbs
( < 4.5 kg )

34 pcs

S / 2

6-16 lbs
( 3-8 kg )

36 pcs

M / 3

13-22 lbs
( 6-10 kg )

32 pcs

L / 4

20-31 lbs
( 9-14 kg )

30 pcs

XL / 5

26-37 lbs
( 12-17 kg )

28 pcs

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