Did you know what are panty liners used for?

The truth is, vaginal discharge happens literally every week of your monthly cycle. For some women, it’s consistent, and for some, it’s not. Every person’s body is different, and you may experience heavier or lighter discharge than another person’s.
Let’s talk about the weeks in between your period, what is actually coming out on your underwear, and how panty liners are the perfect solution to keep you feeling comfortable all month long.

Vaginal Discharge

When you first start your period, you mistakenly believe you’ll only have to deal with discharge one week of the month. That’s definitely not true. The vagina is like a self-cleaning oven, and part of that self-cleaning means you’ll experience vaginal discharge off and on virtually every week of every month.

Before Your Period

Before your period, during the ovulation and luteal phases of your monthly cycle, you can experience vaginal discharge that lasts up until the day you start. That means you can have vaginal discharge for about two weeks until you start your period.
This discharge will change as your hormones change. During ovulation, your discharge may be thin, stretchy, and sticky. This type of discharge indicates it’s a great time for you to get pregnant (or a great time to use extra precaution not to become pregnant if you don’t want to).
Discharge can change to a thick, white consistency the closer you get to your period. This is entirely normal and is how your vagina cleans itself and releases unneeded cells, fluid, and tissue from your body.

During Your Period

During your period, you’ll have a bloody discharge (obviously). If you don’t become pregnant during the ovulation phase of your period, your body will shed the egg that didn’t get fertilized, along with the thickened lining of your uterus.
This all gets shed with blood from inside your uterus and cervix and helps prepare your body for your next cycle.
Period discharge can range in color and consistency. In fact, it’s so varied; there are at least seven different colors you can see during any given cycle. Most of the time, it’s completely normal to see any and all of them.

After Your Period

You just finished your period and think you’re safe to go tampon or pad free for the first time, but surprise! You experience discharge and end up ruining another great pair of underwear.
Discharge after your period is common due to the changes in your hormones and in preparation for your body to ovulate again. The entire monthly cycle lasts somewhere between 28-30 days, and vaginal discharge is a possible symptom the entire time.

How Panty Liners Help

It’s not. Most of the time, the amount of vaginal discharge you’ll experience is minimal.

What They Are

Most panty liners are less than a quarter of an inch thick, making them great for holding everyday vaginal discharge.

How They Work

Single-use panty liners need to be thrown away after they’ve been used. ECO BOOM’s bamboo panty liners are 100% biodegradable. Of course, there are no harsh chemicals or hormone-disrupting ingredients that could interfere with your body or irritate your skin.

When To Use a Panty Liner

The Week Before Your Period

The week before your period, you may develop a thick, white discharge, which is normal. It usually starts off light but can become gradually heavier the closer you get to start your period.
Instead, use a panty liner. They’re so incredibly thin, you won’t even be aware you are wearing them, and you’ll be thankful you can simply change out the pantyliner (and not your panties) the first time you experience premenstrual discharge.

After Your Period

The weeks after your period can be just as dangerous for your undies as the week of your period. Panty liners hit the drama delete button so you can get out and enjoy your day without worrying about feeling uncomfortable, wet, or sticky.

After Sex

Wearing a panty liner after you have sex can help you feel more comfortable if you normally experience a little post-sex drippage.


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