ECO BOOM 2023 Sustainability Report

Here’s what we fulfilled with your help in 2023:
We delivered 5,236,008 pieces of ECO BOOM diapers in 2023.
That’s the equivalent of giving every New Zealander one piece of diaper.
By using biodegradable materials, we reduced 92,394 kg / 203,693 lb of plastic.
The weight is more than 34 adult African elephants (~2.7 t).
Equals to about 5,133,000 plastic bottles (550 ml / 18 g / 22 cm).
stack these bottles
The height is close to 128 Mount Everest (8849 m).
Thank you of all, because behind all the numbers is ECO BOOM FAMILY making these commitments a reality.
A small action today would be a big change tomorrow. Start your eco-friendly career with us in 2024!

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