When to Switch to Training Pants

Does your little one is already walking and talking? It could be time to upgrade your trusted diaper to training pants. Have you noticed your little human doing any of the things below? 

  • They’re able to stay dry for longer than before
  • Are aware of when they need to go
  • Can follow one or two-step directions
  • Have shown an interest in going to the bathroom with you

If the answer is yes, then we’ve got great news! You can finally say bye-bye to your diaper and transition from the dirty diaper business to the sophisticated world of training pants. 

What are training pants?

Also called pull-ups, training pants are made for the transitional period between diapers and underwear. They’re designed with stretchy sides to make it easier for children to slide them up and down, minimizing the risk of an accident while potty training.

Training pants are usually introduced between the ages of two and three. However, this does depend on the individual child. Some professionals recommend skipping them during the day to help your child understand how it feels to go to the bathroom easier, as pull-ups are nearly as squishy as diapers. 

The reality is that your child will still have a couple of accidents while they’re learning, but thanks to the design of training pants, you don’t have to worry about a mess. 

Training pants are your secret wee-wee weapon

Pull-ups are used for potty training and night training. Pull-ups make it easier to teach your child how to pull their underwear up and down on their own. It helps to teach them independence, and as a bonus, fun pull-up patterns can be a great incentive to get them excited about it. 

Training pants are made to withstand nighttime accidents. They’re super absorbent, so even if it does happen, your child– and you – can sleep without being disturbed while keeping those sheets protected (usually, we’ve all seen our fair share of mind-blowing messes to know that anything is possible). For safety, though, we recommend purchasing a waterproof pad for their mattress. 

A good habit to get them into is going to the bathroom first thing in the morning. When they wake up dry, make it a celebration! But if they don’t, avoid criticism and reassure them that it’s alright and they’ll get it next time. They are learning a lot of new things, after all.

How will I know when my toddler is ready for the porcelain throne?

It might be time for the toilet if you’ve been nighttime training for a while now and you’ve noticed a change in how wet their pull-up is each time. If they’ve been consistently waking up dry, it’s time for the toilet! It’s normal for accidents to happen now and again, but your growing human is on their way to becoming a full-time toilet squatter. 

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Don’t be afraid to implement your own tricks, too—everyone’s situation is different, so try not to be too strict with it. Potty training is an unpredictable adventure!

By the way, you can try using comfortable disposable training pants for them, such as ECO BOOM bamboo pants!

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