Are you thinking about giving flushable wipes a try? Wondering how they compare to toilet paper?

What are flushable wipes?

Flushable wipes are also commonly called moist toilet tissue. It’s exactly what it sounds like — toilet paper that is moist. Flushable wipes are cloth-like wipe that contains a cleansing formula. The ingredients for the wipe itself and the cleansing solution vary by brand so it’s important to read the package before purchasing.

In general, you’ll want a flushable wipe that is plastic-free and made of plant-based natural fibers. In addition to being better for the environment, it also means the wipe can break down faster after being flushed so it won’t cause any clogs.

There are many types available on the market, with different features to consider, such as:

Fragrance vs. fragrance-free (unscented)
Textured vs. smooth (untextured)
Wipe size
Packaging size

What ingredients are used in flushable wipes?

Ingredients for the cleansing solution in flushable wipes typically include:

Moisturizers such as aloe and vitamin E

Sodium benzoate: helps prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus

Polysorbate 20: a wetting and emulsifying agent that helps improve the texture, feel, and scent

Disodium phosphate: a buffering agent that helps keep oil-based and water-based ingredients from separating

Citric acid: helps maintain the skin’s natural pH balance

Fragrance: helps provide a fresh scent

Even though it’s pretty standard now, when reviewing the packaging, make sure the flushable wipes are free of parabens and phthalates.

Should flushable wipes be used with toilet paper? Or in place of toilet paper?

Both options are okay! Here are some common wiping habits to consider:

Only using moist toilet tissue to wipe and clean

Using moist toilet tissue first to clean, then using toilet paper to pat the area dry afterward

Using dry toilet paper to wipe, then following up with a flushable wet wipe for a more thorough clean and a refreshing feeling

No matter what you choose, experts agree that including a wet element to your bathroom cleaning routine provides more effective and thorough cleaning. The “wet element” can be in the form of a bidet or moist toilet tissue and it helps ensure complete and gentle removal of bodily waste and bacteria from your skin.

Are flushable wipes really flushable?

Ways to ensure a brand is truly flushable is to review the ingredients. The wipe itself must be 100% plastic-free and made of natural fibers so they break down in water and don’t cause clogs.

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