We won the International Sustainable Award

We are pleased to announce, ECO BOOM receives the International Sustainable Award for developing and distributing eco-friendly care products.
This certifies that ECO BOOM has overall excellence in increasing sustainability and reducing negative environmental impact.
*The International Sustainable Awards by Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a symbol of trust earned by those who care about the future and are committed to sustainable business practices which in turn positively impact nature and society.
To reduce plastic waste from the origin, we created our own eco-friendly brand – ECO BOOM. ECO BOOM now is available in over 40 countries. And our best seller – bamboo baby diaper is better for your baby and good for our planet:
  • 100% biodegradable bamboo viscose topsheet &backsheet.
  • Chlorine free wood pulp + SAP for absorbent core.
  • Triple elastic ear patch provide a better fit for active baby.
  • Reduce 30% plastic waste caused by normal disposable diapers
  • SGS certified 70.1% biodegradability rate of 147 days (without packaging).
  • Low plastic, low ink, compact eco-friendly carton packaging that meets Amazon Climate Certification.

Product initiative is innovative

Ordinary diapers use chemical materials, which in addition to causing environmental pollution, can also cause diaper rash.
We use bamboo viscose, which is 100% natural, skin-friendly and breathable, and has a shorter carbon footprint than cotton and trees. At the same time, through technological innovation, it uses 3 times elastic large ears to increase the elasticity of the waistline and provide comfortable elasticity, allowing the baby to move freely without tightness.

The Key Impact

Humanity’s demand for nursing products is endless. As long as a newborn baby is born, diapers are needed. The world consumes 200 billion pieces every year, most of which are plastic, which will have a huge impact on the earth.
By using 100% biodegradable bamboo viscose, we reduce plastic pollution caused by diapers and create a better environment for future generations.

The Future Plans

Our mission is to connect people to the earth through thoughtfully designed personal care; cultivating a lifestyle in harmony with nature, not against it. We are working hard to promote environmentally friendly diapers and other environmentally friendly care products globally, and at the same time, we are working hard to develop disposable diapers with a higher biodegradability rate. We hope that all families around the world can use environmentally friendly products.

Become our partner and retailer

ECO BOOM will assist the company’s trading partners in sourcing, managing and promoting ECO BOOM products.
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