In the past November, we were pleased to welcome two partners from Canada, Arsh and Robert, which made our global partner number reach 49.

ECO BOOM Monthly NOV agent map
ECO BOOM now has landed in 50 countries and regions around the world.


We are pleased to announce, ECO BOOM received the International Sustainable Award for developing and distributing eco-friendly care products.

This certifies that ECO BOOM has overall excellence in increasing sustainability and reducing negative environmental impact.

*The International Sustainable Awards by Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a symbol of trust earned by those who care about the future and are committed to sustainable business practices which in turn positively impact nature and society.


From November 13-14, ECO BOOM team successfully debuted the PLMA’s 2023 “World of Private Label” in Chicago – world’s largest trade exhibition dedicated to private label with the latest products.

ECO BOOM’s eco-friendly and healthy brand concept, stylish and simple design style have been highly recognized by global visitors.

Booth Display for the PLMA's 2023 "World of Private Label" in Chicago


With the help of our partners in Bahrain, ECO BOOM bamboo baby diapers/baby pants/wet wipes/sanitary pads/biodegradable diaper bags have been launched on @mamasboutique_bh!

*Mamasboutique is a local offline retail store where fashion meets sustainability for our little ones. They are committed to embracing a greener, organic future for our little fashionistas.


To give your baby the best comfort, our ECO BOOM bamboo wet wipes are now available on Singapore Shopee with the help of our partners @Nurturoo!

In addition, you can also buy our bamboo baby diapers and baby pants!

*Shopee is the leading e-commerce online shopping platform in Southeast Asia.


ECO BOOM has been fully launched in Saudi Arabia! Now you can buy ECO BOOM bamboo baby diapers/baby pants/wet wipes through our partner’s official website and other platforms!

We are glad to bring ECO BOOM series to this beautiful and rich country and share a healthy, sustainable lifestyle with more people.


In addition, ECO BOOM sustainable series  officially landed in the Czech Republic in November. Now you can buy ECO BOOM bamboo baby diapers/baby pants/wet wipes directly on our partner’s official website!

We believe that there shouldn’t be a compromise between baby’s health and the environment.

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