6 essential calming tips for mums

If you are a mum who is struggling to balance life, or who is unsure whether you’re doing things right, I hope these tips help you:

You need to stop listening to others

Whether this is your first baby or you’re a second time mum, you probably know by now that everyone wants to give advice on what you should be doing.
Or perhaps you constantly read about how amazing other mums are doing via forums or social media? My advice would be to stop paying attention – straight away! All babies are different. What works for one does not work for another. Just ask yourself the following:
Is my baby fed?
Is my baby clean?
Has my baby got a clean nappy on?
If you answer yes to the above, then you are doing great as a mum!

My house is a mess – so what!

You’ve not managed to wash up a few dirty plates and dishes. Your washing pile is stacking up and you haven’t managed to hoover. Don’t stress, these will get done eventually. Your priority is your baby – and yourself. Housework can wait.

When the baby sleeps

A lot of new mums think that once their baby is sleeping, they should be getting on with the dishes, washing or other housework (see above). But, what about you? Chances are, you’ve been up and down all night with a crying baby. Instead of cleaning take this time to:
Have a nap
Have a shower and wash your hair
Make a hot drink and put your feet up
Do not feel guilty for taking time out for yourself.

Feeding your baby

One thing most new mums have in common is the desire to be able to breastfeed their baby. We hear it everywhere, that breast is best. I wanted to do this, sadly my milk just did not come in. I had to bottle feed, I had no choice. This did not stop me feeling guilty. But I also knew that my baby was feeding and thriving.
Whether you breastfeed, or bottle feed, through choice or having no other option, the most important thing is doing what is right for you and your baby.

Mummy guilt

Many second time mums feel guilty about spending time with their newborn baby when they also have a toddler to look after. This is natural, your toddler has gone from having you all to their self to having to share their mummy and you feel bad about are not giving them the attention they’re used to.
Remember, they now have an important role in being big brother or sister so include them in helping. Your toddler can assist you in lots of things – like passing you nappies and wipes or simply giving the baby a cuddle. Involving them this way will help promote self confidence and independence and ensure they don’t feel left out.

Choose trustworthy baby care products

As a parent you have a lot of worries but your baby’s bottom shouldn’t be one of them! By using 100% bamboo viscose on the topsheet and backsheet, ECO BOOM bamboo diaper will give your little the most comfort!
No one is perfect. This is a special time in your life. I know you want to get everything right, but chances are – you already are! If you stop over thinking, and find your own rhythm and routine, one that works for you and your little family, you will find it does all fall into place.

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